The Adcom Group Interactive Directory

When The Adcom Group was a 60-person company I began the directory as a way to learn new programming techniques in Flash. As the company continued to grow even bigger, this database driven directory, became a neccesary tool easily displaying over 100 employees over three floors and two buildings. Integrated photos, videos and the embedded Frogger game make this even more unique. Responsible for concept, design and development.

Completely data-driven through PHP and MySQL, departments are color coded, desks gray out if they are unpopulated. Printer information, fire escape routes and company resources are additional layers which can be turned on and off. Employee information blurred for security purposes. 
Employee's name and phone extension are shown upon rollover.
Clicking on the center bar reveals a drop down list of all employees, which are color-coded to their department on rollover.
When The Adcom Group added a neighboring PR firm to the map, there was a street dividing our two buildings. This was the perfect opportunity to add an easter egg Frogger game right into the directory. Find the grayed out frog, and being playing the game, complete with initials-submitted high scores list.
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