Motion Graphics Reel

The following is a compilation of motion graphic work created through Adcom Communications, Uppercut Motion + Sound, as well as some personal projects. Mostly compiled of animation with two-dimensional elements, motion tracking and 3D modeling are beginning to play a more prominent role. Primary clients include KeyBank, Cleveland Clinic, Fathead, Ridgid, Cliffs. Music by 'You Love Her Coz She's Dead'.

Motion tracked opening to reel, shot on Canon 5D Mark II.
Stills shown below feature work not shown in its entirety elsewhere in online portfolio. Video clips of selections are featured in the motion graphics reel above.
Video promo for Responsible for motion graphics, illustrations were provided.
3D animation for Eaton conference.
3D modeling and animation for Sherwin Williams Christmas card.
3D modeling and animation for Hyland Software. Photos of kiosk provided. Video filmed by coworkers.
3D modeling and animation for The Adcom Group, internal promotion for digital merchandising.
Motion tracked video and composited graphics for Fathead.
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