Hey, I’m Phil. I work as the DoCT at Forsman & Bodenfors in New York City. Educated in visual communication design, and skilled in web development and
motion graphics
, I spend most of my time rapidly prototyping or concepting digital executions. When I am not at the day job, I have plenty of side projects to keep my attention — Techstars finalist
Clash Audio Experiment
, FWA-winning
, or photomanipulation-blog-turned-global-Snapchat-lens
— the fun is non-stop. While all of these are singular personal endeavours, I work well with others, creating the likes of meme-creator
Curb Your Video
, controversial
Drop United
, and presidential-tweeter
Potus 101
. And in the little bit of time that you can find me not working on a side project, I am an avid techie and photographer. I am addicted to testing out the latest phones. My current daily is the Samsung Galaxy S10. Mac at work, PC at home. AR over VR, Android over iOS, Canon over Nikon. Google everything. Love talking tech and collaborative opportunities, reach out.
Clash lets you type messages using audio samples linked from popular music, movies and TV, viral YouTube videos, historic speeches... from pretty much anywhere! In it's first week, it served up over a MILLION audio clips.
Featured on Mashable and Seventeen, Clash was a Techstars finalist in NYC in 2013, being ranked in the top 0.25% of 1600 entrants.
Make every moment that pretty, pretty awkward moment. Curb Your Video allows users to add the Curb Your Enthusiasm music on top of any YouTube video amazingly simple.
So easy in fact, that TIME named it "PSA of the Day", followed by some love from AV Club, Laughing Squid, and Daily Dot.
Don't just say you're going to boycott. Boycott with technology. Drop United is a Chrome extension that automatically removes United flights from your search results.
Ranking #1 on Product Hunt on launch day, Drop United graced the frontpages of Mashable, The Hill, The Next Web, Thillist and many more. Hitting 1,000+ active users in the first few days, this Chrome extension definitely took a little off United's bottom line.
What started as some Photoshop fun nearly a decade ago, turned to an Internet phenomenon. All Nose. No Mouth. Nosemouth was born!
Beginning with just photos, GIFs were added quickly after. Every top humor source on the web picked up the story about the meme, FunnyOrDie, Buzzfeed, Mashable, Tumblr, Laughing Squid, Refinery29, AV Club and tons more. An iOS mobile app followed, and now after two successful Snapchat runs there are a quarter of a BILLION satisfied customers!
Nosemouth is the most important blog on the Internet
— @digg
AMPERGRAM is an online tool for creating typographic compositions with Instagram photos. After winning an FWA Site of the Day, some shoutouts followed from Swissmiss, Creative Bloq, and Adobe.
*As one of my final Flash projects, AMPERGRAM does not get much love anymore, but could get an HTML revisiting in the future.
If he won't read 'em, tweet 'em. POTUS 101 is tweeting 20 essential books at Donald Trump, one 140-character passage at a time.
rapid prototyping
creative concepting
front & back-end development
motion graphics
brand development
interface design
3D modeling & animation
video shooting & editing
meme generation
great personality
amazing sense of humor
OnePlus 5
Google Glass
Apple iPhone 6s
Dell XPS12
Moto 360 2nd Gen
Samsung Gear 360
Huawei Mate 9
Apple iPhone X
Samsung Galaxy Tab A
SMOVE (goofy name)
Fitbit Alta HR
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